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[15 Nov 2005|07:14am]
I haven't updated in probably a year cause nothing has been happening worth mentioning and who likes a complainer. However, today begins the first day of the rest of my life. I am now a Travel Counselor at the Orlando Convention and Visitor's Bureau and will be starting whenever publix will release its devilish grip on my soul. I'm soo excited about the job...so atleast the career part of my life can start moving forward if NOTHING else :)
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[16 May 2005|01:43am]
[ mood | excited ]

I made acoustic mix cd's tonite - double discer -



so in 5 hours im leaving for california ... thats exciting
way exciting :)
um nervous to fly alone
but hopefully everything will be ok
i cant WAIT to see dylannnn

my parents came friday - i had an amazing day
i feel so lucky to have them
and to be able to go to california and see dyllllan
so lucky
this is so amazing :)


im done

:) have a good week while im goneeee :)

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that is where you'll find me [29 Apr 2005|12:35pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

funny story...
i check my final grade for wine class this morning
it had been a mid b for i dont know how long
i get a 64 on my final ... boo hoo
so i calculate it and its a 77.5 and im pissed, I don't get c's
so he didnt add attendence...so i figure in that i get 100 percent attendance HA
and I have a 79.9
but its a point system so i would get a C
so im pouting
telling myself I suck
i get ready for work
add everything up again
i added wrong and without attendance i have a 79.7
all thats left is to add attendance...
thats where the funny story comes in
the 3 times I did go he didnt take attendance...
so maybe he'll just give it to us and I'll get a b
oh pleasee Juge, I love you :/

anyways I'm on my way out to work 1-9
12-11 tomorrow if I'm not mistaken

Im applying at outback on monday if I dont work at 1, they need hostesses, im really nervous about the rest. thing but thats what life is all about so I gotta just do what I need to do

I need money more then anything...like all my bills can get paid and ill have 4.14 left...which i already spent on gas, which means i cant pay all my bills...and im NOT asking my parents, I told them Id do it myself this month...ohhh tax return, where art thou

i want one of those Pink 10 calorie energy drinks they're soo good :)mmmm

i love when routines change for no apparant reason and then people are naive and dont realize whats going on right in front of them, im not stupid

.:the end:.


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[05 Mar 2005|11:35am]
[ mood | mellow ]

blueberry bagels are my life

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I loveeeee february 14th :) [14 Feb 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]

OHHH what a dayyy :) I had an amazing valentines day...

Nick got me the Andy Griggs cd...amazing
Dezsa made me the BEST card I could have ever gotten and im not just saying that - I LOVE IT! :)
I got a card and some cash from los padres...I have the most amazing parents ever btw
anddddd today I come home on my break, 5 minutes after I get home theres a knock on the door and I GET FLOWERS! :) frommmmm...Dylan :) they're sooo pretty and he's so amazing :) It was perfect timing, add it to the list of reasons we're getting married, thanks! :)

SUCHHHH a good day - minus work - I'm sooo lucky, i have the most amazingggggg people in my life FINALLY :) Life couldnt get much better than this - unless I get that internship and Dylan lives within 24 hours of me :) hahaha


Happy Valentines DAY! :) :)

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Merry Christmas :) [25 Dec 2004|03:00pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

This has been an amazing Christmas, I feel so blessed - seriously. I hope everyone else is enjoying their holiday with the people that matter most to them. I wish everyone could be here for the holidays...not just those lucky enough to get a break from the war ya know - it's sad :/ I'm a luckyy girl though - just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I hope everyone is having a lovely day! :)

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[21 Dec 2004|03:28pm]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

Secretary - now THERESSS a good movie - ahem!

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Honestly... [20 Dec 2004|02:17pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

You know - it's really hard to find really great friends these days so personally when I do, I really cherish the relationship that I have with them. First instinct when something ridiculous happens to a friend is to deal with it as if it happened to you - in this case I refuse to be like barbie and say rude things for no apparant reason. I've got no problems anymore - I accepted the fact that some people are just not people I want in my life or would ever choose to associate with - I used to have a problem just settling with that and I always wanted to resolve it - some people are impossible to reason with though.

The way you treat other people says a lot about your character.

TO let some THIRD PARTY pick up your phone and call someone who used to be a best friend to belittle them, I mean...honestly, what was the purpose? That is the only question I have - I mean I already knew the kind of people you both were so it doesnt surprise me in the least bit - However, I figured now that everyone has grown up and gone to college that maybe it would be different - but I guess some things never change.

Retaliation is something that just seems to happen naturally when ignorant people do ignorant things. Some people have real emotions that they don't hide behind various material things that I feel no need to mention at this time, because anyone reading this that knows what I'm talking about doesn't need a list... Yea someones feelings got hurt so they dealt with it - but what was your excuse to start the whole thing...

you dont have one

hence - my entire point for this post

real friendship consists of so much more then using your friends phone to call ex friends to say ridiculous things cause it makes you ...i dont know, what did it do for you guys? did you get a giggle out of it? I hope one day that you both grow out of this stage of ignorance and can maybe develop a friendship that consists of good times that don't involve the belittlement of others :)

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I'm going to marry Rascal Flatts and Chris Cagle in Ohio where you can have 3249 husbands :) yayyyyy [06 Dec 2004|12:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

We meltttttt :) I LOVEEEEEEE my friends :)

and fronttt


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yayyyyyy [03 Dec 2004|10:52am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

The concert was more amazing then I even dreamed it would be...
I ammm the happiest girl in the world
I ammm soo happy I got to see them
It was soo amazing :)

I had sooo much fun! :)

I know the concert wasnt exactly everyones bowl of soup but it ranks right up there with the Garden State moments of my life - sighhhh :)

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[29 Oct 2004|01:04am]
I'm not gonna stoop to your level I just want you to know that I KNOWWWWW that you are a piece of shit and what goes around comes around! :) take care and keep paying for your friends and showing them titties ;) hollllllla

and I love indians who pay for my food and drinks...hollllllllla
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bring on them cowboys and their pick up lines cause we're here for the party ;) [07 Oct 2004|08:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

so yea...leaving for gainsville tomorrow and I'm so excited, I'm gonna be with my bestest friends, I'm gonna see the greatest movie with the coolest guy I've ever met, get my hair done, see teresa - oh yeah and did I mention be with my bestest friends...:) I'm ecstatic, if you will :)

survey duh

A - Age : 21
B - Band listening to right now : The Shins
C - Career in future: Teacher...Events...Entrepenuer!!
D - Dad's name: Tony
E - Easiest person to talk to: hmmm...I can say ANYTHING to dezsa, I heart her
F - Favorite song at the moment: If My Heart Had Wings - or anything by OPEN...
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: sour bears
H - Hometown: Lecanto, FL
I - Instruments: what?
K - Kids: maybe...
L - Longest car ride ever: Florida - Connecticut, holy moly
M - Mom's name: Laurie
N - Number of siblings: one bro
P - Phobia[s]: newest phobia is thinking everytime im driving my car is gonna stop working, they ruined me
Q - Favorite Quote: I cant pick JUST one
R - Reason to smile: Kyleeeee
S - Song you sang last: If my heart had wings on the way home when I was waiting for Erin to answer her phone
T - Time you wake up: when I have to
U - Unknown fact about You: I'm cool - people just don't realize it but I'm SOO cool...the bomb even
V - Vegetable you hate: mushrooms
W - Worst habit: spending money
X - X-rays you've had: my ankle anddd well my ankle
Y - Yummy food: chicken and caesar salad...mmm
Z - Zodiac sign: Aries - ram! - rawrrr :)

again...total waste of time, maybe I should study, or read my leadership book, or PACK...nope ill talk to sammy and kyle...thanks...nighty night - for now!

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[21 Sep 2004|05:16am]
[ mood | crappy ]

I love how i cry 23943 times in front of the boys that nick works with and i also love how i feel like im gonna die right now...i wish kyle was online and i wish that i wasnt a loser :(

happy birthday nick

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[15 Sep 2004|09:09am]
[ mood | grateful ]

It's good to go to bed at night knowing there are amazing people in this world and then to wake up in the morning and know that they are still amazing - because they are real.

I hope you have an AMAZING day...

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it's like im swmming in an ocean of emotionnnnn [11 Sep 2004|01:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I want to cry like the rainnnnn
Shine like the sun on a beautiful morninggggg...
I heart Josh

ok...I should be getting drunkkk right now at the UCF tailgating scene, but I'm opting for a nice day with the fam (nick and dez) at the mall while I attempt to cut back on the alcohol...plus if we go to cowboys tonite starting at 2pm just simply isnt good for the liver...

and I need a student ID ... how about that :)

gotta go pick up little half dead treppy...not excited about grandma steve...oh well

I need a camera battery, I heart pictures!!

just sitting there singing every sonnggg on the radddd eee oooooo :)

ok, enough of this nonsense, honestly

happy saturday

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Holla [08 Sep 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | sick ]

new lj picture...what a F A G ...LOVE IT

its been 29384 years since I updated, I've moved onto bigger and better things, or something like that ...

you can't change your icon without updating...im not gonna go back in time cause that sucks...soo

i work 9-7 tom
then hittin up cowboys with dezsa and erin - holla
then working friday
then HOPEFULLY hitting up the first UCF game, but i doubt it, theyll make me work
i have a cold ... out of nowhere - it's the hurricanes
bring it on ivan
skipped school for the first time this semester, im a bum
getting a new car cause mine doesnt WORK, not new, getting A car that runs!
i want to work at the airport
i love tim mcgraw
i LOVE cowboys
i love power guys too
ehh livejournal is boring...maybe some other time

holla back - later

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the same old feelings are taking overrrrr, and I can't make em go awayyy [27 Apr 2004|10:43am]
[ mood | broke, i have less then no $ ]

Shinedown is awesome and so are youuu! :)

No, but really, down at Kashmir - so amazing! The band that opened for them was One Less Reason, I was impressed, not only with the hotness of the lead singer in person, but also with their music, its nice! OneLessReason.net w00t

My room has never been this dirty and I've never owed this much money to credit cards and my bank and people in my life ... I don't like to make a habit of letting other people pay for me ever...but this weekend was a last minute decision and rob said I didnt even have to pay, but I am and so he's on my list of things I owe...and I stayed both nights, it's only fair! AHHHH whyy do I let things get this out of hand! blahh

I need some serious moneyy, being 21 is draining my account rapidly and now im spending money I literally dont have ... it's rough buttt - Money is really nothing in the grand scheme of things...;) right?

yea keep telling yourself that sally

Yesterday we got downtown early and rich bitch kristen says..lets go to the Grand Bohemian Westin Resort...they have a nice little bar we can get a martini...and you walk in and its so beautiful and lots of rich people and business people and we go sit at the bar and im like This is gonna be sooo expensive and shes like it wont be bad...I HAD A MARTINI FOR 10 dollars plus a tip! I don't even think I paid that much for drinks at Kashmir, ALL of them...when I'm rich im not gonna have gullable friends who pretend they're rich too, it's common decency, thanks kristen, you know I like to pretend! hahahaah

I have a nasty bruise on el calf, and I have nooo idea how it got there...

and im sympathetic never letting on i feel the wayyyy i doooooo, i heart seether to death

im outtie, later gator

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[01 Apr 2004|05:21am]
I just had like the greatest night ever! :)
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HI [20 Mar 2004|01:14pm]
[ mood | good ]

Just getting ready to go to the art festival down at Park Avenue...I love it down there! :)

Went to another spring training game yesterday, Braves vs. Mets with Erin, we had funnnn! Paid 12 bucks for the lawn seats and sat behind home plate...just the way I like it! A little sunburn but nothing major...it's worth it for Mr. I'm 6 foot 5! :) Spring Training is the greatest thing ever...anywayssss

I stilllll havent decided what Im gonna do for my birthday! My original plan was vegas but then I remembered I wasnt rich - then atlanta - then dinner with everyone - then a party and back and forth! I thinkkk what will probably end up happening is everyone go to dinner - andd those of us who can drink can drink and then after we're bored with that go back to the nest wiht whoever wants to come and continue there...but I don't know about having a huge kegger and stuff...that's quite a bit of $$ and ive got 23 dollars in my bank account :) But if you'd like to donate to the lets have a kegger foundation the nest would be happy to have you :) hahahaha riiiight

Anyways...I watched Mona Lisa Smile last night with Dawn and Tina...it was actually pretty good - I wasnt wanting to see it really but it was a good movie...I still want to have my baseball movie marathon with Bull Durham and 61 and For Love of the Game and stuff like that! yesss

My car is giving me problems and it's soo not cool ... I wish somoene would get me a new car for my birthday - :) riiight

ok...enough jibber jabber, later!

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I always have the best of intentions, I wish you could see that in me [09 Feb 2004|06:21pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

omg it deleted my entry, can someone kill me - honestly

i HATE livejournal - GODDDDDDDD

I was talking about school and how I want to be a teacher and an event planner and I'm not sure how I want to go about it and blah blah blah - it would be hard to have two careers, but teachers have a lot of time off and I can have a team of people that can carry on while im teaching, I can still be involved just not as intricately as I could be during the summer and things...I dunno - I'm looking into it! Money is a big issue, could I win the lottery? minus my fascination with clothes and shoes and purses, the money would be used to make this world a better place....let me win!

thenn I started the I'm over thomas speech and how I don't need bullshit and if I realize that I dont need it then I wont have to put up with it - im ok with being over him 99.9% , when he calls and msges me - i ignore it and i forget about it soon after - it's about time I take control of the way I feel , however boys still suck all of the time, no exceptions, sometimes they just suckkkkkk, some more then others but you ALL suck sometimes!! Girls suck too I knowww...its a vicious circle I tell you

thennnn I moved onto how much I hate living in this craphole they call college apartments...I just want a nice little place that I can enjoy being, is that too much to ask? apparantly sooo ... thanks again by the way ;)

I need to sit down and put myself on a budget - both time and money - ive got a lot of shcool stuff coming up in the next two/ three weeks andd being friends with Kristen is draining my bank account - you can only pretend to be a rich girl for so long ;)

saturday was fun - i was holding hands with dawns random hot neighbor boy until his bitch ass gf came and got him - we were talking about stuff but I dont know what it was, he was such a cutie ahhhh! (drinking was involved in case that wasn't obvious)

i love poker - texas hold 'em!

ok I have to go get ready for work ... not sure what else is really going on besides almost being 21!!!!! :) love my life

im out

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